Social Media Advertising

"Nowadays, marketing as we know it is transferring online"

Today, most companies make profits off of advertising campaigns. Why? Because advertising campaigns help your business with two important factors: brand building and value generation. Let’s see how to develop your online and offline advertising campaigns.


Search engine marketing
Social media advertising
Display advertising
Email marketing

Online advertising is called web advertising and usually make use of the promotional marketing on the main digital platforms.

It includes:
Search engine marketing (SEM) – increase the visibility of your website campaigns, such as Pay Per Click Google Adwords
Social media marketing – through Facebook Ads Campaigns, Sponsored Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter Ads
Display advertising – banner (images, videos or text) on other portals, websites, social platforms …attraverso campagne Google Rete Display
Email marketing – newsletter through Email Marketing tools

We usually refer to online advertising when there is a budget to spend on the main online and social media platforms (google, facebook, instagram, linkedin etc..)

If on one hand SEO and Social Media activities function best on the long run, Web Advertising can work on short terms as well.

Some examples

How to make an advertising campaign on social media?

Call to action

For a well elaborated campaign there some key things to keep into account:

  • What budget do you have at your disposal?
  • For how long do I need my campaign to run?
  • What goals do I need to reach
  • where I want my users to be directed to  (landing page)
  • What actions do I want them to make (call the action)

Once these things are made clear, our advertising experts will take charge of running the online campaigns for you on the most suited platform for your business (Google Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads, Google Rete Display, Email Marketing).

Advertising Campaigns off line


Thanks to our professional teams of graphic design we create Banners, posters, roll-ups, catalogs, flyers, ad hoc texts for billboards… We create everything ourselves and then we spread it through traditional channels.

Pay Per Click

With Google Pay Per Click you can reach your clients precisely the moment they are searching on the web for your services or products. And the best thing is that you pay only if they click!!

You can pause the campaign, end it or modify it whenever you want. We constantly monitor how the campaign is going, so that no budget is wasted and so that we can always make adjustments according to your personal requests.

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