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“google loves you only when everyone else does” - Wendy Piersall -

The SEO activities (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) are all those actions taken in order to make your website more visible on the search engine softwares. Pages on the most known search engine (such as Google chrome, Firefox, Safari etc…) are ranked according to the SEO activity that was made.

SEO: search engine optimization ON-SITE

Market analysis
Study of competitors
Optimization and high ranking on the search engine

1 1) Preventive analysis of the market on the web and study of competitors

We study the market in which our clients operate, analyzing possible stakeholders and competitors for your business. We also provide regular reports on your website ranking, through SWOT analysis (Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

2 SEO activity

SEO optimization is an operational activity that makes changes on the HTML code of the website in order to achieve a high-ranking position on the search engine.

The activities in order:

  • Optimization of the code and link map of the website in order to have a better indexing;
  • Definition of the goals: short or long term;
  • Individuation of the keywords for an organic ranking on the search engine;
  • Report on SEO optimization of the competitors;
  • On site SEO optimization, taking into account that the website MUST remain user friendly.
  • Mending of negative SEO activities.

Seo Activity OFF-SITE

Link building
Google MyBusiness

Website contents that have been correctly optimized with the SEO activity on site, need to be follow up by SEO ACTIVITY OFF SITE.
Specifically, with activity such as:

  • Link building: for example, obtaining links from blogs, forums, thematic directories and portals to your website;
  • Keywords Co-occurrence: use of specific keywords in order to place specific contents on the search engine;
  • Geolocalization on Google My Business.

Reports and analysis

Analysis of campaings' results
Quarterly reports

Artmosfera monitors every month the website’s activity as well as providing our clients with reports regarding the website activity every three months.

We use instruments such as Google Analytics, Google Web Master Tool, Majestic SEO, to analyze and monitor the most important metrics:

  • Number of daily users
  • Numbers of page views
  • Average estimated time on the page
  • Rebounce from one page to another
  • Geolocalization

Once we have reach the goals we have set to rank the website high on the search engine, we ensure to keep the ranking.



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