Social Media Marketing

"Speak with your audience using a language that can raise their interest” - Jonathan Lister -

Social media marketing activity includes consulting and managing the client’s presence on social media. We manage editorials strategies to give visibility and promote social media on the main social media platforms such as Faceook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, ecc.

What does social media marketing mean?

...and why it matters?

Global social media users
Italian users on Facebook
Italian users on Instagram
Italian users on Youtube

Let’s just start from a single data. Users of social media around the world are 3,96 billions. 1/3 of the planet owns a social account.

This means that running a social media platforms for your company should be your main activity.

How can we help you?

We create the strategy and the storytelling. We set goals, manage your editorial plan as well as monitoring the results.

We create contents according to your brand image and we help you create YOUR digital storytelling.

We all have a story. Not everyone can tell it in the most efficient way.


Le attività svolte saranno le seguenti:


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Concept & Design

Concept, Design & Creatività
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Graphic Design

Immagine aziendale, logotipo, cataloghi
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Web Design

Realizzazione siti internet e ecommerce
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Ottimizzazione per i motori di ricerca
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Social Media

Gestione dei canali social, Marketing e Promozione
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Campagne Pubblicitarie

Campagne pubblicitarie online e offline
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